Blue Moon City

A game about reconstructing the ruined city of Blue Moon, a fantastical place inhabit by many alien species, each striving to help in their own way.

Blue Moon City provides players with a tense race to be the first player to contribute the most to the rebuilding of the city, thereby gaining support of the people and becoming the new ruler. Each turn, players play cards from their hands that represent various alien races, and the help those races provide, and attempt to fulfill building requirements on the 20 buildings. As each building is completed, everyone who helped build it is rewarded, with a special award going to the player who contributed most. As you collect enough rewards, you can use them to rebuild the most important building, the Crystal Obelisk. Once a player has contributed the winning amount to the Obelisk, the game is over and the winner is declared the new ruler of Blue Moon.

Based on the Blue Moon card game, Blue Moon City provides players with many options and tough decisions. each card can be used for building, but also for other special effects. You only get two cards each turn, so manage your hand wisely or you will get stuck rebuilding your hand for several turns. The amazing art by noted illustrator Franz Vohwinkel adds the the atmosphere, but the great gameplay keeps bringing players back for more.

Winner of the 2006 Meeples' Choice Award (Spielfrieks Readers Game of the Year award) and nominated for the 2006 Spiel Des Jahres award (Germany's Game of the Year award).