A game about building Moorish fortress complexes in Granada, Spain.

Alhambra is a tile-laying game set in Moorish Spain, wherein the players compete to build the most impressive fortress complex, using 4 different kinds of money cards to buy tiles depicting a variety of towers, palaces, gardens, etc., and from 0-3 wall sections. Buying can be done by overpaying, but if you pay by exact price, you get a chance to buy again, so be careful and don't overspend, unless you have to...

A game of Alhambra can be played with 2-6 people, and scales very well within that range. Unlike many games that play well with up to 6, this one even plays well with 2, by playing with an imaginary 3rd player. Another bonus to this game is that adding another player doesn't seriously extend the game's playing time. Six people can play Alhambra nearly as quickly as four. The game only takes 45 minutes for experienced players and not more than an hour regardless of experience levels.